The Art of Japanese Craftsmanship

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We meticulously craft the ideal pair of jeans, paying equal attention to both the aesthetic and manufacturing process of the product.

Our jeans are carefully hand-sewn and weathered by Japanese craftsmen who infuse each pair with an authentic vintage look, achieved through techniques developed over decades.

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The washing process requires not only the expertise of skilled craftsmen, but also involves a series of intricate steps and the use of specialized equipment.

Our factories are committed to reducing their environmental impact and adhere to rigorous wastewater treatment protocols that surpass the national standards set by Japan.

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Our thoughtful processes and attention to detail result in a distinctive look that sets our jeans apart from mass-produced alternatives.

Each piece is completed with a vegetable-tanned leather patch and hardware that equals the quality of our jeans.

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We invite you to experience the remarkable quality of Japanese craftsmanship.